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Native Californian and Hawaii resident, Penny Gupton, will host painting classes.

Penny was raised in Australia in her early years and a part of the Forbes-Robinson family, a well-known in the Sports Car Racing industry.  (She is also my Aunt)

Penny graduated from Glendale High School in California and went on to study art and architecture.  She continued her are education after her marriage to Miles Gupton and, together, they opened gift stores in both Lake Arrowhead, CA and Kona, Hawaii.  Her experiences with the boutiques taught her the ins and outs of sales, merchandising and promotion. During those years she was always painting, but in those days all of Penny's paintings went to fundraising events for charity.  After the death of her husband, Penny decided to try and make a living as an artist -- a decision she has never regretted.

Living in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii and raising her two children, she was always surrounded by gorgeous scenery of the islands and had constant inspiration for her paintings.  She attributes the immense colors and serene feeling of her artwork to living in these spectacular places.  Penny has been producing work ranging from murals to commercial art to fine art and has done commissions and portraits for clients all over the world.  She has even teamed up with her son, Alex, a professional artist himself who specializes in mosaics, for a mural project at Kona Community Hospital.  And, until the tsunami of 2011 temporarily closed the resort, she was the Artist in Residence for the prestigious Kona Village Resort.

Today, she continues creating beautiful artwork and teaches around the country.  She has graciously agreed to make a stop in Phoenix to help us out with her specialty...    WATERCOLOR. 


  • (located just west of the 10 fwy)
  • 4910 east chandler blvd.
  • suite 104
  • phoenix, AZ  85048
  • 480-621-5322

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